[Loadstone] Initial questions about the LoadStone program and sites such as geocoder.net

Victor Tsaran vtsaran at gmail.com
Fri Jul 6 06:13:17 BST 2007

Hello all,
Please feel free to direct me to an existing online resource if my 
questions are answered there already.
1. Why is there a limit on the LoadStone database?
2. I copied the database of the whole state of California onto my MiniSD 
card, which is about 15MB, but the load command does not seem to work. 
Should I always import the database then?
3. Say, I went to geocoder.net and found latitude and longitude for both 
starting and destination addresses of interest. How useful is this 
information to me other than being a point of interest? Surely, 
Loadstone is not capable of calculating a route based on two points; am 
I correct in this?
3. I have read that Loadstone POI Conversion program can import maps 
from Google Earth; is this information accurate?

Thanks for any answers.
Hopefully I'll get a hang of this software very soon.

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