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Wed Jul 4 14:03:07 BST 2007

Hi Michael,

I normally organise my points into databases based on type, or how often I 
need a certain type./class of points.  Distance isn't particularly a 
factor but size of database can slow Loadstone down.  So, if you were not 
needing the town information most of the time I would put that into 
another database.

It's all down to experimenting though!

Best regards,

On Wed, 4 Jul 2007, Michael O. Hanson wrote:

> Maybe someone answered this question already.  If so, please accept my
> apologies.
> I am putting some of the finishing touches on a database to hike the
> Appalachian Trail.  I am getting data for towns along it.  I should be able
> to link these towns to the AT if I use large enough databases.  I have
> distances of towns from the trail itself.
> Would it make more sense to put every town in one large database or use
> separate databases for each town?  Many of the towns are one mile or less
> from the actual trail itself.  I plan to input coordinates for
> hostels,stores, post offices, etc. as I get them.  Assume that the size of
> my phone's memory card is not an issue.  I have a Nokea 6680 with a rather
> large memory card.
> Thank You,
> Mike Hanson
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