[Loadstone] rbt2110 question

Kerry and Gemma Hoath kerryandgemma at gotss.net
Tue Jul 3 05:34:03 BST 2007

I have today received the Sedio 2110 gps receivers.
Whilst they look almost identical to the 2010 units that I allready have 
they appear to be missing the external antenna connecter.
Is this in deed the case; or is there a plastic cap that when removed will 
uncover the connecter?
There appears no manual specifically published for the 2110 however it 
appears to behave similarly to the other units in the SiRF3 sedio range.

The RF patch antenna does work well for outdoor use; however I am wishing to 
use one of these units as a time source for my Linux server; and will need 
to use an external antenna to get a reliable signal.

Can anyone with one of these units confirm or deny the existance of the 
external antenna connecter?

Regards, Kerry.

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