[Loadstone] feature request: distance counter

David Allen wd8ldy at xtra.co.nz
Sun Jul 1 22:59:12 BST 2007

Hi Hasan and list!

Ah, a trip meter is a nice idea.

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> Hello loadstoners,
> what about a distance counter or as we say in German a kilometer counter?
> You probably know this from cars or bicycles. When you start, you reset 
> your
> counter. Then you can always see the distance you have left behind.
> Currently ls cannot do this job for you. But such a function would be very
> helpfull and interesting on a long walk, or any other jurney. Think you 
> are
> doing some sports like jogging or walking.
> The implementation should be quite easy. Once the counter is started, ls
> will have to calculate the distance between the current position and the
> position 10 seconds before. periodically. The new value will be added to 
> the
> counter variable until you stop the counter function. Say we do this all 
> 10
> seconds, then we should get a good approximation of the real distance 
> since
> start. The calculation intervall could be adjustable. LS should save the
> value of the counter in a file when ls is finished. You even could 
> interrupt
> your jurney and continue tomorrow and so on.
> Shawn, what about giving this a chance? I would do the beta testing if
> needed. Does the symbian os have some timer api functionality to signal ls
> that the time has come to do something? Something like a callback 
> function?
> Then it would not even be cpu intensive.
> Hasan
> Hasan
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