[Loadstone] feature request: distance counter

Hasan Karahasan karahasan at onlinehome.de
Sun Jul 1 17:05:40 BST 2007

Hello loadstoners,
what about a distance counter or as we say in German a kilometer counter? 
You probably know this from cars or bicycles. When you start, you reset your 
counter. Then you can always see the distance you have left behind. 
Currently ls cannot do this job for you. But such a function would be very 
helpfull and interesting on a long walk, or any other jurney. Think you are 
doing some sports like jogging or walking.

The implementation should be quite easy. Once the counter is started, ls 
will have to calculate the distance between the current position and the 
position 10 seconds before. periodically. The new value will be added to the 
counter variable until you stop the counter function. Say we do this all 10 
seconds, then we should get a good approximation of the real distance since 
start. The calculation intervall could be adjustable. LS should save the 
value of the counter in a file when ls is finished. You even could interrupt 
your jurney and continue tomorrow and so on.

Shawn, what about giving this a chance? I would do the beta testing if 
needed. Does the symbian os have some timer api functionality to signal ls 
that the time has come to do something? Something like a callback function? 
Then it would not even be cpu intensive.



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