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Hi Cindy,

On the page you are reading (Part 1: Exploration mode) there's also:

Giving focus

The joystick lets you 'look around', however, it does not give focus to a 
point. This only can be done by using the numeric keypad on your phone. The 
moment you switch to Exploration mode the nearest point to the 'last 
position' information on your phone is announced, but this point does not 
yet have the focus.
Press one of the direction keys on the keypad to give focus to a point. 
Once this is done the 'update' function becomes active. You may also use 
the 'Find Point' option to give focus to a point.

So: first 'find' a point, either by using the number keys or the 'Find 
Point' option from the menu. Once you have found a point, you can start 
checking and updating.



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> >> I opened loadstone, then press 0 for exploration mode.  (there are two
> >> points that I manually set in the previous directions)  It lets me know
> >> nearest point.  I press 5 and it confirms this point.
> >Are you sure? After pressing 5, do you hear only the name of that point or
> >do you hear also a distance and a direction? In first case the point really
> >has focus, in second case it has not.
>After pressing five, I hear nothing.  What does this mean?
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