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Hi Cindy,

I just reproduced what I suspect is your scenario.  What I believe is 
happening is that when you enter exploration mode the software reads the 
"last_position" file to ascertain your virtual longitude and latitude, 
however do to  rounding you are not positioned at a precise point, hence the 
star key and number will not work until you navigate to a defined point 
using the telephone keys (IE two for North, 8 for South, etc).  HTH.


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I am working my way through the manual and came upon a problem.  I am using
Nokia 6620, Talks standard version, and the latest version of loadstone.

Special keys

The 5 key is the middle key on any numeric keypad. In Loadstone's
exploration mode, with no GPS receiver connected, it will confirm the point
that is nearest to the 'last position' information on your phone. Hitting
the * (star) key will 'check' the point that has focus. When you check a
point, you set it apart for use in a route like fashion. This will be
discussed in the next chapter. Press it again to 'uncheck' the point.
Pressing the # (number/hash/pound) key (sorry for three names for the same
key, it's the lower right key) will pop up a window where you can
edit/update the data that you assigned to the active point (the point that
has focus). Not all fields in the update window are active at this moment,
but the name field works.

I opened loadstone, then press 0 for exploration mode.  (there are two
points that I manually set in the previous directions)  It lets me know the
nearest point.  I press 5 and it confirms this point.  However, when I press
the star key or the pound key I do not hear anything.


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