[Loadstone] Suggestion for the Point Share Exchange

Julian-N1CA n1ca at arrl.net
Sun Jan 28 07:44:09 GMT 2007

Since Tom and I live near each other, I sent him my default database to see 
if his phone would accept it and he'd be able to start using Loadstone 
right away without having to go through the hastle of the importing 
process.  We were both surprised to find that this worked  well.  So I got 
to thinking that it would be great if the point share exchange could 
facilitate similar exchanges between other Loadstone users.  For example, 
someone who lives in New York City and has an imported database for the 
area could put it up on the exchange so that someone who wants to travel 
there could simply download it and put it in their database folder and load 
it once they arrive in NYC instead of having to go through the lengthy and 
time consuming importing process.


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