[Loadstone] question about "auto announce"

Cathomas Jürg Juerg.Cathomas at sbv-fsa.ch
Tue Jan 23 09:16:17 GMT 2007

hi, Monty,
first of all congrates for this product. 
I did not see that points far away are announced less often than those close to me.
They are announced say every 10 seconds and i thought of a parameter to slow down or speed up according to my personal nneeds.
Also, the announcement should not happen when you are in the options menu.

Walking, it is hard to concentrate on my way and have my phone always talking.
So, it would be nice e.g. to deactivate signal monitor but still have information on weak or good signals by sound only (e.g. one deep signal when less than 3 satelliites and high signal when back to more or equal 3)

best regards
Jürg Cathomas

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> The purpose of the Auto-announce feature is to periotically announce your
> current position in relation to the checked-point you are approaching.
> This essentialy gives you a hands-free mode where you don't have to press
> the "select key" over and over.  Quite useful when walking and you don't
> have a free hand.  The feature tries to be inteligent so if you were quite
> far away from the approaching checked-point it wouldn't tell you as
> frequently!
> \Best regards,
>   Monty
> On Sun, 21 Jan 2007, Miranda wrote:
>> Hello all,
>> I can get along with Loadstone very well now, but there is a small thing 
>> I don't yet understand.
>> Could somebody explain to me the difference between the auto announce 
>> option turned on and off?
>> I have noticed that, even with auto announce switched off, checkpoints 
>> are announced automatically when I approach them. What then actually is 
>> the use of this option?
>> Thanks,
>> Miranda
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