[Loadstone] No signal problem

Ronan McGuirk ronan.mcguirk at vicsireland.org
Mon Jan 22 20:27:46 GMT 2007


I experienced a similar No Signal problem with a different GPS receiver, the
Holux slim 236.

I got good advice on this list and can confirm that my problem was caused by
me turning on the Holux GPS receiver in an area where there was a poor
satellite signal.  I found that once it said no signal at the start that it
did not want to get a signal.  If this happens it seems to be necessary to
switch the gps unit off with a switch or cold restart.  It is also necessary
to exit the Loadstone program.  I found that I should only switch the GPS
unit on again when I am sure that there will be a good signal.  After it is
switched on again, I need to wait for about 30 seconds before starting
Loadstone on the phone again.  At that stage it usually works fine, provided
I am in a good signal location.

Hope this helps.
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> Hi all!
> I have a strange problem with my Loadstone 0.65 installed on the Nokia
6680 with G-Space Gs-R238 BT receiver.
> Sometimes, having started Loadstone, I get the proper announcement "Signal
acquired: ex. 6 satellites" (and this information can be provided by
pressing 7), but if I try to move with joystick, Loadstone says "No signal
from ex. 10 seconds" and I can't Enter any new point by pressing # in
Navigation Mode.
> To solve this problem, I was trying to use Cold Start, Restart of BT
receiver or/and the phone, and something helped, but I''m not sure what it
was and what's the reason...
> Have you ever encountered such a strange situation?
> Regards!
> Przemyslaw
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