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Hi Teddy and all,

We have made some minor changes to the manual (Part 4). Lett's hear if this 
makes things more clear:

Isolate Point

In navigation mode, using the joystick lets you 'look around' and find the 
closest point to your current position in any direction. With points 
separated a fair distance from each other, this usually will do the job of 
finding your way. However, if your database is crowded with points, this 
may become confusing.

Using a list of 'checked' points restricts the points in view to the points 
in that list. In other words, you limit your database to the points that 
you have checked. Using the joystick still lets you 'look around' in all 
directions, but no other points than those in the list will be announced.

Taking this one step further, we invented 'Isolate Point'. With 'Isolate 
Point' switched on, Loadstone GPS announces only the checked point nearest 
to you in the direction of travel, no matter in which direction you push 
the joystick. Once you have reached the 'isolated point', the next point in 
the direction of travel gets all the attention.

As an example, you could check your point of destination, activate Isolate 
Point' and have only your point of destination and it's distance announced 
while on a bus or train.

If all that you are interested in is getting from one point to another and 
you have both hands occupied, then 'Isolate Point' together with a number 
of checked points and 'Auto announce' on is the way to go.

Note that 'Isolate Point' only appears in the Options/Functions menu after 
you have checked one or more points in Exploration Mode or have loaded a 
previously saved list of checkpoints. Isolate Point works independent of 
the 'Use checkpoints' setting.

At 1/21/2007, you wrote:
>Hi Shawn,
> > The best thing to do for this would be to find the
> > point in exploration mode
> > and then check it. Then you can either use the isolate
> > checkpoint or the
> > next checkpoint option to get heading and distance to
> > the point as you're
> > moving.
>That sounds good.
>- I can Find the point.
>- I can Check it as well.
>- But how can I isolate it?
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