[Loadstone] New Mmember and first question

Sebastian Dellit sebo at blinzeln.de
Sun Jan 21 08:58:12 GMT 2007

Hoppa Shawn and all readers,

on Sunday, January 21, 2007 at 9:53:37 AM means Shawn Kirkpatrick:
> Well, you can enter country if you want but it'll be put in automatically if
> you have cell service.

And who can I enter the country? I can only set to country "none". Or can I only enter the country if I have the cell Service?

> You can also put in a type but I wouldn't worry about
> that at the moment since the types system isn't defined yet.

And who can I enter the type? Btw. can I defined my on types?

> I wouldn't
> worry about the country either since if you upload points to the point share
> exchange it can figure out the country automatically.

OK, I try it when I upload a database/points.

Thanks for the informations.
Best regards Sebastian 
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