[Loadstone] Nothing else but the target

Brett brett06 at tpg.com.au
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Hi Teddy,

You should be able to do this.

1. Go in to exploration mode.
2. Go in to the "Functions" sub-menu and choose the "Find Point" option to
find the point you want to isolate.
3. Once the point you want to isolate is highlighted, press the star key to
mark that point.
4. Go in to "Exploration" mode.
5. Go in to the "Options" sub-menu and choose "use check points only"
Once this is enable the only point or points you should see are the ones
that are marked.

Hope this helps,

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  Hi Teddy,

  The closest function to your request is 'Isolate Point'. This isolates the
nearest point in the direction of travel and announces that. You cannot
'set' a destination point to only be announced.


  At 1/20/2007, you wrote:

    Hi Loadstoners,

    may be, this is another stupid question, but obvrsly there are
    some diferences between the Manual and the reality. So I ask:

    Is there a way to bring LS into a mode, where it always tells
    direction and distance to a spesific POI?

    For example:
    I've the geografic position of any thing. There are a lots of
    other pois around. I dont'thave time to workout a route by
    selecting checkpoints, But I know the streets, busses and
    undergrounds well enought, to reach any point, if I only know its
    heading and distance.

    You know what I mean?

    Yes! We have satelites in Underground in Vienna ;-)



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