[Loadstone] New Mmember and first question

Sebastian Dellit sebo at blinzeln.de
Sat Jan 20 18:02:49 GMT 2007

Hoppa Reisender and all readers,

on Saturday, January 20, 2007 at 7:00:27 PM means Reisender:
> Sebastian Dellit wrote:
>> When I enter a new point, I can type a name, the latitude
>> and longitude and other things but I can't enter any thinks in "Type"
>> and "Country". Why?

> Because country end type are future features and were not in use yet.
> Maybe the manual must be corrected, till this things work.
> And if this info is still in the manual at this time, the manual is maybe
> difficult to understand, cause i herd this question for the second time.

Oh, but when I import a database from the website, I can change
between different countries for example austria, germany etc. Also I
can change the type for example bus etc.

Do you understand? ;-)

Thanks for infos ...
Best regards Sebastian 
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