[Loadstone] Nothing else but the target

Jürgen eisbaer at online-rudel.net
Sat Jan 20 17:21:27 GMT 2007

Hi Loadstoners,

may be, this is another stupid question, but obvrsly there are
some diferences between the Manual and the reality. So I ask:

Is there a way to bring LS into a mode, where it always tells
direction and distance to a spesific POI?

For example:
I've the geografic position of any thing. There are a lots of
other pois around. I dont'thave time to workout a route by
selecting checkpoints, But I know the streets, busses and
undergrounds well enought, to reach any point, if I only know its
heading and distance.

You know what I mean?

Yes! We have satelites in Underground in Vienna ;-)



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