[Loadstone] New Mmember and first question

Sebastian Dellit sebo at blinzeln.de
Sat Jan 20 15:31:16 GMT 2007

Hoppa loadstone readers,

I am Sebastian, 25 years old and live in Chemnitz, Sachsen, Germany.

A fiew days ago, I get informations about loadstone-gps from the
commi at blindzeln.net Mailingliste and now, I have an nokia gps modul
and test the loadstone program.

My first question:

When I enter a new point, I can type a name, the latitude
and longitude and other things but I can't enter any thinks in "Type"
and "Country". Why?

When I import a database, I can change the type and country fields,
but I can't find a area for germany to import.

In the manual I can read:

Besides a label with the corresponding latitude and longitude a number of descriptional fields can be defined in a Loadstone record, like Street, State,
City and Country.
You can leave these fields blank, or enter something that makes sense to you, like 'The pub'. However, please remember, that if you want to share these
records with others, a meaningful description is highly appreciated.

But I can find street, city etc. in the menu of loadstone.

Can everybody help me?

Thanks and good work to team!
Best regards Sebastian 
ICQ: 264706583 / MSM: sebo at blinzeln.de / Skype: sebo_de
E-Mail: sebo at blinzeln.de / Web: www.blindzeln.de

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