[Loadstone] editing points?

Shawn Kirkpatrick shawn at odyssey.cm.nu
Sat Jan 20 00:50:27 GMT 2007

It will be so. When you go into exploration mode use the numeric keys to 
move to the point and then hit the # key. If the exploration mode location 
isn't on any point then the # will do nothing. In order to update a point's 
position you'll need to have the gps connected. If there's no gps receiver 
connected then you can still update the position data but you'd have to do 
it manually.

On Fri, 19 Jan 2007, Jürgen Schwingshandl wrote:

> Hi,
>> To update a point go into exploration mode and move to that
>> point. Then hit the # key and you can update all the point's information.
> May be it should be that way, but on my N6630 it isn't so.
> Pressing # seam to have no effect at all
> Does it depend on a valid GPS-Connection or some thing like that?
> Teddy
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