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Could you send me your coordinates and any big city in your neighbourhood? 
I'll have a look, kind of curious. For all I know there has not been much 
input from Germany.


At 1/19/2007, you wrote:
>Shane <shane at cm.nu> wrote:
> > Thanks for the report.  Some fallout from the utf8
> > conversion.  Should be working now.
>Indeed, works now, thanks.
>But I don't really understand how to search for POIs in my area.
>I first entered lat and lon for my position in decimal value, entered 50km
>radius and clicked on "view". There was lots of output, but nothing of it
>sounds known to me... I think, I don't know how to deal with point sharing.
>Maybe I'n too stupid for that - or there are no usefull points in my area.
>The faster you read,, the less you understand.
>The less you understand, the less you remember.
>The less you remember, the less you forget.
>The less you forget, the more you know.
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