[Loadstone] Error trying do create a sharepoint account

Charlie loadstone at dekadent.net
Fri Jan 19 20:31:55 GMT 2007

Shane <shane at cm.nu> wrote:

> Thanks for the report.  Some fallout from the utf8
> conversion.  Should be working now.

Indeed, works now, thanks.

But I don't really understand how to search for POIs in my area.
I first entered lat and lon for my position in decimal value, entered 50km
radius and clicked on "view". There was lots of output, but nothing of it
sounds known to me... I think, I don't know how to deal with point sharing.
Maybe I'n too stupid for that - or there are no usefull points in my area.


The faster you read,, the less you understand.
The less you understand, the less you remember.
The less you remember, the less you forget.
The less you forget, the more you know.

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