[Loadstone] editing points?

Shawn Kirkpatrick shawn at odyssey.cm.nu
Fri Jan 19 12:16:41 GMT 2007

To update a point go into exploration mode and move to that point. Then hit 
the # key and you can update all the point's information. When you delete a 
point it remains in the database but is flagged as deleted. This is so that 
when points are uploaded to the point share exchange it can be made aware 
that the point has been deleted.
You shouldn't be getting that error when registering with the point share, 
someone will have to look at that.

On Fri, 19 Jan 2007, Charlie wrote:

> Hello loadstoners,
> when I enter a point, for example with the data of multimap.com, and later,
> when I'm myself at this point, is there a way to update the data of this
> point with the actual real position? I didn't find a way to do so, I only
> can delete the point and create a new entry by pressing #.
> After pressing # and adding the point again, this point is twice in the
> database, allthough I deleted it before. Is there a way to compress the
> database to get rid of this obsolete data?
> When I try to register for the point sharing access with email address and
> password, I get the following error: "DB Error: no such table"
> What's up with this? Can anyone tell me how to have a look at the list of
> existing POIs?
> regards,
> Bert
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