[Loadstone] editing points?

Charlie loadstone at dekadent.net
Fri Jan 19 10:28:54 GMT 2007

Hello loadstoners,

when I enter a point, for example with the data of multimap.com, and later,
when I'm myself at this point, is there a way to update the data of this
point with the actual real position? I didn't find a way to do so, I only
can delete the point and create a new entry by pressing #.
After pressing # and adding the point again, this point is twice in the
database, allthough I deleted it before. Is there a way to compress the
database to get rid of this obsolete data?

When I try to register for the point sharing access with email address and
password, I get the following error: "DB Error: no such table"
What's up with this? Can anyone tell me how to have a look at the list of
existing POIs?


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