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Rob Melchers rob at loadstone-gps.com
Thu Jan 18 08:46:57 GMT 2007

Hallo Bert,

Wilkommen, welcome to the list. Yup, let's speak English on this list. Like 
the well known German songwriter Goethe once said: "Nothing wrong with Nena 
and Kraftwerk, but I prefer Bob Dylan and the Electric Light Orchestra."

It would be great if Per and you could promote Loadstone GPS in Germany. 
There are still some gaps to be filled on the European map. Maybe talk to 
Angela and tell her that the best way to unify Europe is through the use of 
Loadstone, after all, she's in charge this year.


At 1/17/2007, you wrote:
>Hi all together, hi Rob!
>Rob Melchers <rob at loadstone-gps.com> wrote:
> > Es ist viellicht nicht das erste mal das ich versuche Deutsch zu
>Na dafür war das aber ganz schön gut! ;-)
> > schreinben, aber es ist nie was geworden. Deswegen mal wieder weiter auf
> > English.
>Nur dann bekommst Du nie die richtige Übung... :-)
>Aber OK, dies ist eine englischsprachige Liste, die meisten werden kein
>deutsch vertehen, also hast Du recht, lieber weiter auf englisch.
> > I do speak German fluently, but writing is something else. I'm happy to
> > find that there are people in Germany interested in Loadstone.
>OK, here's the next one...
> > A German translation would be very welcome! Your English is fine, but if
> > needed you may contact me in German, if that helps.
>I would help to translate to german too. And I have a little mailinglist
>for advanced Talks-users in german, I would offer german speaking fellows
>to speak about loadstone in this list too. Maybe there are some guys like
>Per and me who would also help with translating loadstone to german.
>And if you like, you can put a link to my mailinglist page on the loadstone
>website to invite german people to that list.
>Btw, I have an E70 and a 5500 Sport, both are 3rd edition, but
>unfortunately I'm not a symbian programmer... :-(
>And Rob, if you are in germany and you would like me to contact you by
>phone, just write me a mail with your phone number, then I'll call you...
>Now there are three types of bungee-jumping:
>1. classic  (with rubber band)
>2. hardcore (with steel cable)
>3. Unplugged
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