[Loadstone] Wellcome, ?a bug? and a question

Jürgen Schwingshandl hackelberriwien at online-rudel.net
Thu Jan 18 07:54:06 GMT 2007

Hello Loadstoners,

My name is Teddy and I live in Austria. Yesterday I installed the loadstone
version 0.65 to my Nokia 6630 and ofcorse I played with it half a night.
Most things are clear and fine! But...

I use a Nokia ld 1 as gps receiver. The first connection is no problem, but
whenn I try to define it as default receiver and bluetooth was once switched
off, when LS was started there is a dedlock:
In the main window the seven responds "Not connected" and in the "search
option in the GPS menu tells me "Allready connected". That happens even
whenn LS is closed, BT is activatet and LS restarted. Only a restart of the
phone helps. 
Is this
- a known bug?
- my first found bug?
- a stupid storry from someone who hates manuals?

And now the question:
What is the meaning of Acorazy - is a low or a high value good?

Thank you for reading a mail in horrible english. You'll get more of this
I'm afraid ;-)


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