[Loadstone] 3rd Edition?

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Mon Jan 15 11:52:15 GMT 2007

Hallo Per,

I will try to explain what Monty is making.

Der Monty baut uns jetz eine seite worauf es einfacher sein soll die 
verschiedene woerter und saetzen zu uebersetzen. Trotzdem ist die 
uebersetzung nicht leicht, weil die reihenfolge in Engelish sich manchmal 
sehr unterscheidet von unser reihenfolge, sowohl auf Deutsch als auf 
Niederlaendisch. Wuerde es so weit kommen das du es probieren moechtest 
schick mir einfach ein e-mail an meine private adresse. Hast du vielleicht 
Skype? Dann koenten wir uns auf Deutsch interhalten. Ist mir leichter als 
was Ich jetz tu.

I also enjoy the international contacts. We've got Polish, Italian and 
Dutch translations, German, French and Spanish would be very welcome!

The whole Loadstone team has Nokia N70's. Not the easiest keypad, but after 
a while you get used to it. It's definitely the best phone in terms of 


At 1/15/2007, you wrote:
>Hello Monty and Rob,
>Thanks for the fast and friendly answer.
>Then I must probably apply some more patience.
>I hope that the main developers of Loadstone find soon someone, which gives
>them equipment of the 3rd edition.
>Actually Nokia and the official Nokiatrader must have an interest in such a
>development for Symbian for free, because
>this project is a very good thing, with which it possibly even advertisement
>make could.
>If I had more money, I would borrow gladly equipment to you.
>Now I am so curious about your software, which I would get myself at the
>dearest still another equipment of the second edition.
>Which telephones co-operate
>best with Loadstone?
>Since I do not have very sensitive fingers, the handling unfortunately makes
>problems for me at small keys.
>I bought the E60 from Nokia, bekause its easy enough for me to find and
>press keys fast and safe.
>Monty wrote also:
>"The new and improved
> > language tool is in the final stages of private testing and it will
> > hopefully be ready for public trials in the next few days.  I'll post a
> > message when it is available."
>I do not have that correctly understood however the dissolution
>will come in some days. ;-)
>And here is something for Rob:
>Hallo Rob, ich habe mich sehr ueber die ueberraschenden deutschen Worte in
>deiner Mail gefreut. :-)
>Wenn ich wirklich bei einer Uebersetzung der Anleitung und den Sprachdateien
>von Loadstone helfen kann, waere ich sehr an einer Zusammenarbeit mit dir
>Ich finde es ganz toll, dass sich in diesem Projekt Menschen aus der ganzen
>Welt zusammen tun, um sich selbst und anderen zu helfen.
>Best regards from Kassel/Germany
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> > Hello Per,
> >
> > I understood your English perfectly!
> >
> > Unfortunately Nokia phone's using  Series60 3rd edition  are not supported
> > at this time as you noticed.  This is due to to the fact that Series60 3rd
> > edition contains incompatible functionallity to that of the 2nd edition
> > platform.  At the moment the main developers of Loadstone do not own any
> > Series60 3rd edition phones so we are unable to test etc.  I imagine
> > eventually we will get there either by a generous donation to the
> > Loadstone project or one of us upgrading our phones though most of us did
> > so recently to Series60 2nd edition.
> >
> > However, the Loadstone project is open -source which means that anyone
> > with Symbian programming knowledge and desire is free to port the source
> > code to Series60 3rd edition.
> >
> > Thanks for your willingness to translate to German.  The new and improved
> > language tool is in the final stages of private testing and it will
> > hopefully be ready for public trials in the next few days.  I'll post a
> > message when it is available.
> >
> > Best regards,
> >   Monty
> >
> >
> > On Sun, 14 Jan 2007, Reisender wrote:
> >
> >> Hello @all,
> >>
> >> this is the first English-language letter of my life.
> >> Please does not look on the wrong grammar and the wrong words.
> >>
> >> My name is Per, I am 38
> >> and I live in Kassel in Germany.
> >>
> >> For one week I have my first mobile phone, a E60 von Nokia.
> >> When I found the homepage from Loadstone, I became very happy.
> >> Unfortunately I then had to read however that the software does not run
> >> yet
> >> on devices of the 3rd edition.
> >> Therefore I would know gladly whether there is soon a version for my E60
> >> with talks 3.1?
> >>
> >> In addition I would like to help possibly gladly with the translation of
> >> the
> >> guidance and the language files of Loadstone into the German language.
> >>
> >> Perhaps here still do different people read from Germany also?
> >>
> >> Wenn ja, dann meldet euch doch einfach mal ;-)
> >>
> >>
> >> Friendly greetings
> >> Per
> >>
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