[Loadstone] 3rd Edition?

Rob Melchers rob at loadstone-gps.com
Sun Jan 14 22:41:04 GMT 2007

Hallo Per,

Es ist viellicht nicht das erste mal das ich versuche Deutsch zu 
schreinben, aber es ist nie was geworden. Deswegen mal wieder weiter auf 
English. I do speak German fluently, but writing is something else. I'm 
happy to find that there are people in Germany interested in Loadstone. 
Like Monty said, not yet 3rd generation but maybe soon. I did the Dutch 
translation and will be happy to help if needed. A German translation would 
be very welcome! Your English is fine, but if needed you may contact me in 
German, if that helps.

Auf wiederhoeren,


At 1/14/2007, you wrote:
>Hello @all,
>this is the first English-language letter of my life.
>Please does not look on the wrong grammar and the wrong words.
>My name is Per, I am 38
>and I live in Kassel in Germany.
>For one week I have my first mobile phone, a E60 von Nokia.
>When I found the homepage from Loadstone, I became very happy.
>Unfortunately I then had to read however that the software does not run yet
>on devices of the 3rd edition.
>Therefore I would know gladly whether there is soon a version for my E60
>with talks 3.1?
>In addition I would like to help possibly gladly with the translation of the
>guidance and the language files of Loadstone into the German language.
>Perhaps here still do different people read from Germany also?
>Wenn ja, dann meldet euch doch einfach mal ;-)
>Friendly greetings
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