[Loadstone] Phones

Michael O. Hanson mhanson at winternet.com
Sun Jan 14 14:02:08 GMT 2007

Are there phones that work better than a Nokia 6680 for locating points at 
great distances?  The revised database seems to be converting well.  I made 
certain I saved the file and looked at it with Notepad only.  I did not do 
anything with the cut center point and shelter data Rob sent me yesterday 
using Microsoft Word.  Hopefully, that takes care of any corruption issues 
Word introduced.

For the moment, I think I will install a different and larger memory card 
and go from there.  I might get a local sighted computer-cell phone geek to 
tell me what's going on and leave the phone unattended for a couple hours. 
Hopefully, that will allow Loadstone to find and let me work with 
Appalachian Trail data.  Given my lack of skill editing data, I will 
probably not change any of Loadstone's files to work with data at this 

  Thanks Again,

Mike Hanson

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