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Shawn Kirkpatrick shawn at odyssey.cm.nu
Sun Jan 14 01:33:07 GMT 2007

You'll be hitting a few problems here and they all come together to make 
things very slow. The first problem will be your distance from the starting 
point of the database. If that's 800 miles then the phone will have to 
search thrue that area before coming to anything. You'll have to set your 
max search radius to be further than that. This radius is measured in 
kilometers, not miles so you'll have to do a bit of converting or just set a 
very high number. The second problem is probably the size of the database. 
The database engine in the phone is pure crap so the larger the database the 
slower it goes. Once you get into valid data thoe it should respond fine. 
The next problem is that you have things on a memory card. With large 
databases this probably can't be avoided but it will slow things down by 
orders of magnitude. The best fix for this would be to get a high quality 
memory card. Maybe something from kingston or another name brand memory 
maker. A card that actually has its specs listed. You want something with a 
fast read speed and hopefully a fast write speed. Not sure how much this 
will help, I don't know if the slow down is the card or the way the phone 
accesses it but having a faster card couldn't hurt.
The program will eventually find a starting point but it may take a very 
long time. If you want to look at this database then you may be better off 
to edit loadstone's last_position file and change the latitude and longitude 
numbers in that file to point to a point in your database. That way when you 
start loadstone without your gps receiver connected you'd be at a position 
in your database and then you could explore it with a reasonable response 
time. The file is in the loadstone directory and is called last_position. 
It's a text file with exactly two lines. The first line is the latitude and 
the second line is the longitude. These values are real numbers, not 
integers like in loadstone databases so keep that in mind if editing them. 
This file isn't really meant to be edited by the user so there's no error 
checking done when reading it. I wouldn't start with the coordinates of the 
first point in the database, use a point further along so when you're 
exploring you don't wander off the edge of the database and get stuck as the 
phone goes on another very long search.

On Sat, 13 Jan 2007, Michael O. Hanson wrote:

> I got a database containing center points for the Appalachian Trail to load
> and import.  Loadstone doesn't bounce me back to the phone's main menu at
> this time.
> When I try to find points in the database, I get nothing at all.  My phone
> doesn't seem to say or do anything.  It seems to freeze up.
> I can think of four possible explanations for this but don't know which one,
> if any is correct.  There may be others.  I use a Nokia 6680 with Mobile
> Speak.  My carrier is T-Mobile.
> I have Loadstone, Mobile Speak, and my databases on a memory card, which is
> almost full.  If this is the problem, I expect to upgrade the memory card by
> several times its current capacity in the next week or two.
> The second explanation has to do with the fact that I live 800 miles or so
> from the closest point on the Appalachian Trail.  I set a five thousand mile
> search radius in Loadstone.  Is the distance between me and the Appalachian
> Trail what's causing this problem?
> I suppose a third explanation could be related to having more than one
> database loaded at a time.  I believe loading a second database removes the
> default database from memory.  Is that correct?  If so, loading a second
> database should take care of the problem.
> A fourth potential explanation has to do with the fact that I accidentally
> tried to load data fro the Appalachian Trail into my default database.  If
> this is the problem, I backed up my default database and can restore it.
> Thank You,
> Mike Hanson
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