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You've got all the points covered minus 'do you have the latest version of 
Loadstone GPS installed?'. Looking for points that are 800 miles away 
doesn't work with a search radius of 500 miles. Try to set it to 1000 
miles. The phone may take it's time to search such an area. Try to clean up 
the MMC, use FExplorer to look for stuff that may be deleted, or go for a 
bigger card. Merging the data with the data in the default database should 
be no problem, although it makes sense to create a new database for the AT 
data. The phone get's slower with bigger databases. The 'div20' file I sent 
you took about 10 minutes to import into the custom database I created for 
this purpose. Wait until the 'added x points, updated x points, ignored x 
points' message is spoken.


At 1/13/2007, you wrote:
>I got a database containing center points for the Appalachian Trail to load
>and import.  Loadstone doesn't bounce me back to the phone's main menu at
>this time.
>When I try to find points in the database, I get nothing at all.  My phone
>doesn't seem to say or do anything.  It seems to freeze up.
>I can think of four possible explanations for this but don't know which one,
>if any is correct.  There may be others.  I use a Nokia 6680 with Mobile
>Speak.  My carrier is T-Mobile.
>I have Loadstone, Mobile Speak, and my databases on a memory card, which is
>almost full.  If this is the problem, I expect to upgrade the memory card by
>several times its current capacity in the next week or two.
>The second explanation has to do with the fact that I live 800 miles or so
>from the closest point on the Appalachian Trail.  I set a five thousand mile
>search radius in Loadstone.  Is the distance between me and the Appalachian
>Trail what's causing this problem?
>I suppose a third explanation could be related to having more than one
>database loaded at a time.  I believe loading a second database removes the
>default database from memory.  Is that correct?  If so, loading a second
>database should take care of the problem.
>A fourth potential explanation has to do with the fact that I accidentally
>tried to load data fro the Appalachian Trail into my default database.  If
>this is the problem, I backed up my default database and can restore it.
>Thank You,
>Mike Hanson
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