[Loadstone] Loadstone for S60 3rd Edition

Charlie loadstone at dekadent.net
Tue Feb 27 12:21:43 GMT 2007

Hi Loadstone developers,

Afaik the main reason for the fact, Loadstone still isn't available for S60
3rd Edition is, that none of the developers owns a 3rd Edition phone.

Now I plan to buy such a device and give it to the Loadstone developer
team. Yesterday I asked for some other sponsors in my own little
mailinglist and I'll ask in some other places too, for now I have 5 people

I'm looking forward to have enough money together in a few days to buy a
proper device...

So what do you think will be a good choice? The E50 for example is not very
much expensive, do you think it will be OK for developing purposes?

And at this time: many many thanks for this accurate work on this brilliant
and extremely helpful project!


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