[Loadstone] Problem with GPS connection

Charlie Richardson charlieofalbany at hotmail.com
Fri Feb 23 20:45:49 GMT 2007

Thanks Monty, it worked.  I pulled the batteries from both the phone and 
receiver and then turned Bluetooth off and on.

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> Hello,
> Although it is Loadstone baring the bad news about the GPS receiver
> already being connected, it is actually your phone's Bluetooth
> implementation causing this to happen.  (nothing to do with Loadstone
> itself)  Poor Bluetooth implementation is no stranger to Nokia firmware!
> Two things you can try:
> 1.  Turn your Bluetooth off and on again in your Phone's Bluetooth
> application.  (usually in the Connectivity menu)  The toggle iis in
> Options.
> 2.  Reset your phone.  Either by turning off and on again or by pulling
> the battery.  You can do this in your GPS receiver as well if nothing else
> works!
>   Monty
>  On Fri, 23 Feb 2007, Charlie Richardson wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I left my GPS receiver on yesterday in my jacket pocket and probably the
>> Loadstone software running on my phone.  The battery died on the GPS
>> receiver and my phone automatically turns itself off at 10 p.m.
>> I charged the GPS receiver today and when leaving work to come home 
>> turned
>> everything on and Loadstone didn't seem to automatically connect to the
>> receiver.  I checked to see how many satelites were connected an it gave 
>> the
>> message, "Not connected".  I went to the GPS menu and selected connect to
>> default GPS and it said, "Already connected".  I tried selecting find GPS
>> from the GPS menu to get the same result.
>> So, the software in some sense thinks it's connected, but knows it's not 
>> at
>> other points.
>> How do I reset the software?
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