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slery slerythema at insightbb.com
Wed Feb 21 18:18:07 GMT 2007

Thanks for the ideas.  I am very slowly getting a grasp of using loadstone.
We will be taking a car trip to three different cities and I don't know
which restaurants we will go to yet.  I figure having the GPS without true
route capacity is better than nothing.

Thanks again for suggestions for figuring out how to get to somewhere

PS If you're currently working on route capabilities I would be truly
grateful. <smile>

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Hi Cindy,

Although Loadstone can not give you turn by turn directions, it is
possible to still find point c with some common sense.  Think of it as a
  homing device.  If point C is at 9 O'clock then you likely need to turn
left, 12 O'clock means straight ahead Etc.  Cities that use a grid system
for streets tend be be easier to get around when homing in on a point.
I've been successful using this method countless times.

To assist, you can always create other points prior to your trip by using
something like Mapquest to get the turn by turn directions and then get
coordinates for strategic turns.  This is a bit more difficult since you
may need to visit several mapping sites to be able to do this.

If you create points along the way, you can always find your way back, and
even find the place again.

Good luck and Best regards,

On Tue, 20 Feb 2007, slery wrote:

> Okay, I have another question.  I have located some restaurants for part
> our trip and I will use the address to get coordinates and manually enter
> those.  So once I have them in my database and we are on the road, when we
> decide where we want to go, how do I plan a route to get there?
> i.e. we are at point A and decide to go to restaurant C.  I do a find and
> locate point restaurant C.  How do I then figure out how to get from point
> to point C?
> Cindy
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