[Loadstone] point with announce

michel ferrant mferrant at club-internet.fr
Wed Feb 21 13:34:40 GMT 2007

it's possible to plan a point with announce ?
if possible, how to do ?
thank you.

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> Hi Cindy,
> Although Loadstone can not give you turn by turn directions, it is
> possible to still find point c with some common sense.  Think of it as a
>  homing device.  If point C is at 9 O'clock then you likely need to turn
> left, 12 O'clock means straight ahead Etc.  Cities that use a grid system
> for streets tend be be easier to get around when homing in on a point.
> I've been successful using this method countless times.
> To assist, you can always create other points prior to your trip by using
> something like Mapquest to get the turn by turn directions and then get
> coordinates for strategic turns.  This is a bit more difficult since you
> may need to visit several mapping sites to be able to do this.
> If you create points along the way, you can always find your way back, and
> even find the place again.
> Good luck and Best regards,
>   Monty
> On Tue, 20 Feb 2007, slery wrote:
>> Okay, I have another question.  I have located some restaurants for part 
>> of
>> our trip and I will use the address to get coordinates and manually enter
>> those.  So once I have them in my database and we are on the road, when 
>> we
>> decide where we want to go, how do I plan a route to get there?
>> i.e. we are at point A and decide to go to restaurant C.  I do a find and
>> locate point restaurant C.  How do I then figure out how to get from 
>> point A
>> to point C?
>> Cindy
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