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Cathomas Jürg Juerg.Cathomas at sbv-fsa.ch
Wed Feb 21 07:13:27 GMT 2007

; At the moment, stay away from the Series60 third generation 
; phone 
is there any perspective about 3rd phones with LS?

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Hi Jim,

Yes, Loadstone will work on a Symbian/Series60 phone that isn't receiving 
survice from a provider.  It would likely need to be unlocked, and contain 
a sim card (even if it is a sim card that is inactive) as most phones seam 
to need a sim card in order to work.

I would personally go for a N70 over a 6620 as the CPU speed is much 
faster which makes Loadstone run quicker but if the price is right - go 
for it!  At the moment, stay away from the Series60 third generation 
phones as they do not currently work with Loadstone.

Best regards,


On Tue, 20 Feb 2007, James Turri wrote:

> I am really interested in trying out and using loadstone,  and just getting my feet wet.
> since verizon works well in my area but they don't use symbian phones,
> would I be able to buy an un locked  6620 or n70 or something later and have it function with talks or mobile speak and loadstone?
> t-mobile doesn't appear to offer anokia  second sierieze any longer,
> has anyone tried running loadstone without beeing connected to any phone service?
> any thoughts would be appreciated.
> jim turri
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