[Loadstone] routes on the fly

Charlie Richardson charlieofalbany at hotmail.com
Wed Feb 21 03:51:00 GMT 2007

Loadstone doesn't have route planning capabilities yet.  I think they are 
working on it.  Loadstone right now is good for knowing where you are and 
announcing checkmarks along the way.

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> Okay, I have another question.  I have located some restaurants for part 
> of
> our trip and I will use the address to get coordinates and manually enter
> those.  So once I have them in my database and we are on the road, when we
> decide where we want to go, how do I plan a route to get there?
> i.e. we are at point A and decide to go to restaurant C.  I do a find and
> locate point restaurant C.  How do I then figure out how to get from point 
> A
> to point C?
> Cindy
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