[Loadstone] Distance Calculation

Hasan Karahasan karahasan at onlinehome.de
Fri Feb 16 17:59:16 GMT 2007

Hello Shawn,
you wrote:

> Well, that would be kind of nice but not very practical at the moment. For
> one thing, we really don't have that much detail about the streets.

Maybe not freely available, but if someone necessarily needs these data he 
will obtain it commercially and convert it to the Loadstone database. So 
this should not be the reason for not implementing a way distance 
calculation algorithm.

The most
> important thing would be we just don't have that kind of computing power 
> on
> the phone.

I am not sure how the loadstone database engine behaves with half a million 
points on typical fones. Wondering how commercial navigation products can do 
this even with a visual map that scrolls with you.

By the way: I would like to import some points I have gathered myself from 
some other sources. Again: The data was not created by loadstone but comes 
from somewhere else. When I export my data into an ascii file I can see that 
the column for accuracy is always 1 and priority is 0. And what about the 
satelites column? Are these columns already used for some calculations. 
Otherwise I could simply use fix values for them.


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