[Loadstone] Distance Calculation

Hasan Karahasan karahasan at onlinehome.de
Fri Feb 16 11:29:08 GMT 2007

currently the distance between points is obviously calculated by coordinate 
differences as linear distance. That's very important and should remain as 
it is. But it would be great to see also the approximate distance a 
pedestrian has to go or a car has to drive for a certain route.

Of course this needs many points to be accurate. Think we have every house 
coordinates of the streets in a certain area, than we could calculate the 
distance as the sum of distances between a given start point and its closest 
neighbour towards the end point. Running this algorithm until we reach our 
end point should give quite realistic values for the distance. The more 
points along a street we have, the more accurate the result will be. Street 
crossings and curves would produce some source of defect unless we have the 
coordinates of the crossing itself. But I think we can neglect this 
malfunction for the first.

How about implementing that?


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