[Loadstone] Key 3: suggestion.

Charlie loadstone at dekadent.net
Wed Feb 14 13:28:39 GMT 2007

Gabriel Battaglia <gabriele.battaglia at gmail.com> wrote:

> Do you find usuful the piece of information given by number 3 in navigation 
> mode? I don't.

Nope, not really. I think key 7 (count of availlable satellites) is enough.

> My suggestion is to move that feature in a menu, together others 
> navigational and positional info and substitute number 3 with the most 
> usuful Find a Point.

> Or better, try to think to my idea:
> shift+3 key will let you find a point in your database and just 3 will let 
> you know distance and header to that point, exactly as the number 5 does in 
> navigation mode with next check point or, in exploration mode, with the last 
> focused point.

ACK, so key 5 can be latitude and key 6 longitude again as in the previous


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