[Loadstone] creating check points and exploring

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Thanks for the instructions, Rob.  However, POI Factory only had two
restaurants listed so that wasn't very useful but I'll use the directions
for converting other things..

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  Hi Cindy,

  In a nutshell:

  Go to:
  Click on: POI files, then restaurants. You can also try outdoor.
  Download the .csv files of interest to you.
  Go to the Loadstone Converter:
  First read the documentation, then
  Process the file you have downloaded.
  Import the resulting file to Loadstone GPS. (Bluetooth, Infrared, Cable)
  Follow the instructions on importing in Part 3 of the Getting Started
  It's advisable to create a new database for POI's outside your daily


  At 2/11/2007, you wrote:

    I am wondering how other people do the following?

    Find general type of place in a new city? i.e. find all restaurants in a

    Also, along that line, how do you obtain the data for this type of

    Create check points for traveling to new places that you have never

    I am still a beginner and I have worked through the manual and have a
    general understanding for things.  But I will be going on a trip soon
    traveling by car to a few different cities and wanted to be able to use
    GPS first to plot our trip and second when we are there to simply find
    places to eat.


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