[Loadstone] Finding Places

Michael O. Hanson mhanson at winternet.com
Sun Feb 11 15:36:31 GMT 2007

Someone asked how to find places where they would be traveling yesterday.
Depending on where you are traveling, you might look at poi-factory.com. 
You can download data files containing points of interest there and convert 
them to a format Loadstone can use.

If no data are available on Poi Factory's website, I would do the following. 
First, I would download data for that city or town.

There are several ways to find restaurants and other places in unfamiliar 
locations using the internet.  After that, you can use a website called GPS 
Visualizer to get GPS locations for particular addresses.  Finally, you can 
convert the point file to a format Loadstone can handle.  This is fairly 
time-consuming but I can't think of a better idea.  Let me know if you want 
more information on how to do any of this.

Mike Hanson

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