[Loadstone] Suggestions ideas generated by using the Loadstone program.

Shawn Kirkpatrick shawn at odyssey.cm.nu
Sun Feb 11 07:34:26 GMT 2007

What you're suggesting has been suggested before and is on the todo list. It 
would possibly be called track mode or something like that. We just have to 
figure out how it would actually work.
Your suggestion for being able to select checkpoints from a list probably 
won't work for a couple reasons. The primary reason is the limits on the 
list box on the phone. There's a limit to the number of characters each item 
can have so getting the needed information in there would be difficult. 
Depending on your database doing it this way may also bring back a very 
large list. This probably wouldn't make things any better than the current 

On Sun, 11 Feb 2007, M. Jeukendrup wrote:

> Hello,
> I am using the Loadstone program for a short period now (About 2 months)
> I would like to explain my experiences as a beginner.
> I hope I can explain my suggestions, ideas.
> The program works well, but in the beginning it is complicated for a starter
> to understand how it works, how you can handle all the data in a simple way.
> To enter data, points with the keyboard from the phone is in the beginning
> not easy, but after doing practise it goes better.
> To do it during walkin, exploring a route it is sometimes complicated.
> My suggestion:
> Is it an idea to program a learning mode in Loadstone?
> I mean with the learning mode that data will be automticly generated and
> stored during a route between startpoint and destination. (Every 15-20
> meters, a point) After walking this route you can label this list of
> (checkpoints) with a name. Special checkpoints that need extra information
> can be added by hand like the normal datapoints, for example a place to
> cross the road, startpoint, destionations etc.
> Next time when you need to walk this route, you only have to import this
> route (list) and you can walk guided by Loadstone.
> An other suggestion I have is for selecting and making lists of checkpoints.
> Is it an idea to program a tool for making a selecting list of points, which
> are around the "starting point" (radius about 5-10 kim) A list where you can
> navigate with a joystick  up an down and mark your checkpoints.
> Best regards,
> Michael Jeukendrup

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