[Loadstone] Last Position Question

Geoff Waaler gwaaler at mindspring.com
Sat Feb 10 17:12:03 GMT 2007

Someone may chime in with an easier method, but what I do is the following:
1. Using F Explorer copy the last_position file to a folder accessible to 
the Nokia browser (E.G. "my music").
2.  Using Windows Explorer I move it to a folder on my hard drive.
3. I press f2 and add the file extension .txt to "last_position".
4. Edit the file using NotePad (well I actually use NoteTab pro but that is 
a distinction without a difference).
5. Optionally save files as "last_position_home" or "last_position_downTown, 
6. copy them back to the phone.
7. Using FExplorer I copy the version of last_position I want into the 
system/apps/loadstone folder.
8. Delete the last_position file.
9. Rename last_position_PlaceIWannaVertuallyExplore to "last_position".

HTH, and I would be interested there is a quicker way -- in my experience it 
is much easier to edit files on the pc since Talks often seems to be one 
character off when reporting my cursor position.

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I am trying to edit the last position file to make Loadstone think I am
somewhere else.  How do I save the file in a format Loadstone can use?  I
can get notepad to save it as a text file.  This does not seem to replace
Loadstone's current last position file.


Mike Hanson

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