[Loadstone] SIRF3.2: disfunctional receiver?

R. Neill Hadder neill.hadder at gmail.com
Tue Feb 6 12:48:01 GMT 2007

Hi Monty and all,

Thanks for the feedback.  "10 to 20 meters is pretty good" -- Really?  I was
thinking 10 feet or so.  Were my expectations for GPS just way too high,
then?  I'd appreciate confirmation of this fact so I can stop scowling and
cursing at the GPS receiver--which, since it resides in my pants pocket,
makes for some odd looks in public as well as from my dog.  Since "maximum
approach" defaults to 10m, it seems like less than 10m accuracy is what
you're used to, no?  Also, I now really don't understand what the "accuracy"
figure means if it isn't a reflection of correlating my position to the
coordinates of a way point.

  To answer your question, these are points I've entered myself. One idea
that came to me is that I'm entering point data while standing still and
thus subject to drift, so I wonder if I'd get better results by entering
points while walking.  For example, hit pound sign, then stop, then use
"from commencement." I already have static threshhold at 2.  
On the connection issue, my phone is a 6682.  I suspect the power saving
mode was on. I'll see on the way home.That might account for connection
problems as well as lack of signal, which is really suspiciously tenuous.  I
hope there's a way to eventually place a tick or dynamically update the menu
regarding power save state, since on my menu both options are always there
and I don't know if it's on or off, or really what is happening, if
anything, when I enter certain commands.  I suppose that depends on whether
the receiver delivers feedback, of course.

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