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If yours is announcing at 10 meters I'm assuming you are walking because 
according to the documentation the software will calculate distance or time. 
I'm usually using Loadstone on a bus as this is my biggest problem as a 
blind person depending on the driver to remember the stop and let me know 
when I'm there.  Loadstone was usually letting me know of my next point 
between 130 and 160 yards.  I'm sure this is depending on the current speed 
as buses don't tend to travel very fast.  I was just messing around with max 
distance today and changed it to 200 then 100 as the first setting was 
announcing my next point before I would arrive to the previous point, over 
300 yards which is apparently longer than most city blocks.  Setting it to 
100 is getting announcements just over 200 yards.  I'm not really sure what 
the value means as I thought setting it to 200 would give me announcements 
as I come within 200 yards.

I use a Nokia 6682 and since it was asked, the vibrate works, but the record 
memo doesn't seem to work.  I'd like that record memo feature as the 
extended recorder that came with Talks sounds good in theory but made real 
choppy recordings.

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Hi Monty,
when approaching a point, the first checkpoint announcement happens here at 
about 30 meters.
Often, this is the only anhnouncement, because at 10 meters, it would not 
speak anymore.
I don't understand in this context the meaning of "approach time", maybe 
ssomeone can explain me.
My idea is:
i can define a "first announcement distance", e.g. 75 meters.
At this distance, it wil announce
a first time "
approaching x 75 meters north"
When coming to a second approaching distance, e.g. 40 meters (a second 
parameter) , it would ggive me constant information, but only about 
changings in distance and direction.
So, if direction is always the same, it would just count donw and announce
40 meters
30 meters
20 meters
10 meters
(maybe, we can even omit "meters" because what esle can it be?)
if direction changes, it would aalso announce direction, e.g.
40 meters north
30 meters
20 meters north  west
10 meters north

Best regards and thanks a lot for implementing the german version.

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