[Loadstone] Exploration mode on latest build for Nokia 6600

Paul Hopewell hopewell at hopewell.org.uk
Mon Feb 5 17:01:37 GMT 2007

I have just installed the latest version of Loadstone
(loadstone-0.66n6600-2007-02-02.sis) on my Nokia 6600 phone. It all works
fine except....

1.	I cannot get to the current point menu to delete a point in
exploration mode. In the previous version I was able to use the keypad keys
to move to the desired point, and could confirm that I had selected it with
the 5 key. The functions menu then displayed a delete point option which
enabled me to delete that point. With the new version I cannot move to the
desired point with the keypad keys in either base mode or shifted mode. I
can move to the desired point by the find point menu. However even if I am
on the desired point as verified by the 5 key I cannot find any way to
delete that point. I need to get to the current points submenu, but how do I
do that? As instructed in the release notes I deleted the key.map file from
the loadstone directory and now seem to have a keys.map364b file. t5o ). 

2.	I cannot see any option to turn on the vibrator to alert me as I
approach a checked point. 

Am I doing something wrong or are there bugs in the above areas in the 0.66
build for the Nokia 6600? 
Many thanks. 
Paul Hopewell 
hopewell at hopewell.org.uk
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