[Loadstone] SIRF3.2: disfunctional receiver?

R. Neill Hadder neill.hadder at gmail.com
Mon Feb 5 15:04:05 GMT 2007

Hi there,

Brand new to the list and to GPS, so please excuse my introducing two
long-winded issues at once, which may be related and may have been covered
before.  I just got an I.Trek M6, which has the SIRF chip firmware 3.2.
First thing is that regardless of whether I'm moving or standing still, the
distance to a point I'm close to is pretty consistently off by 10 to 20
meters.  I also noticed that when I'm standing still, disregarding the
headings being reported, the distance to the closest point gradually
increases from like 6 meters to 20 meters then drifts back and forth.  This,
by the way, is while I'm standing within a meter or two of the point.  But
approaching a marked intersection is likewise 10-20m off.  WAAS is set to
"on" in settings, and also the I.Trek M6 supposedly has WAAS enabled by
default.  I live in a small town (zip 78666) so I don't know if ground
signals are available.  Most recent tests were on a cloudy day with 3
satilites tracking, but I think I've had similar results on sunny days with
10 satelites tracking.  "Accuracy" reported to loadstone claims to be 1.1 to
1.8 meters, but it's a factor of ten worse than that.  I can't really see
how Loadstone could be responsible for these results, so I'm wondering if
this is a bad model or bad unit.  Outside that fudge factor, it works.

BTW, I also have a great deal of difficulty connecting.  Especially if I've
forgotten to turn bluetooth on, loadstone will say "not connected" but will
claim to be "already connected" in the GPS menu, or else it will often have
no signal, even outside, until I reboot one or both devices.  I've tried
every combo I can think of but I'm assuming that turning bluetooth on my
phone on, then the GPS on, then running loadstone should be right.

Thanks to anyone for comments.

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