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slery slerythema at insightbb.com
Sun Feb 4 01:47:11 GMT 2007

Thanks for the info, Monty.  I wasn't actually talking about anything like
minutes.  It was more like 3 hours.  Plus, one of my test messages never did
show up.  I'm kind of doubting that it was on my end because I was receiving
other email and my replies on other listservs were getting through also.

I sent you two private emails.  Did you get them?  Just checking since I'm
obviously having some email problems.


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Hi Cindy,

I thinkwhat you are usually experiencing is mailing list queuing.  What
sometimes is that your posted message is received by the mailing list
server almost immediately but is then put in a queue for delivery.  I
can't say for sure what the queue processing interval is set to (as I
would have to dig through configuration files), but that combined with the
number of list subscribers could mean that you wouldn't receive your own
post for several minutes.  Of course it also depends on all sorts of
things on your end too - including your mail settings and internet

In addition, problems can happen server-side including maintenance,
operator error (me), and internet connectivity.  There is a lot of ocean
between the server and you!

Luckally for everyone, the web site and mailing list are up most of the
time and even if there is an unexpected problem with the mailing list,
E-mail traffic is temporarily stored on another server until things return
to normal.  Your question will usually be replied to quite quickly in most
case thanks to the helpful Loadstone community.

The mailing list software was just upgraded minutes ago so we'll see if that
the queue processing!

Best regards,

On Sat, 3 Feb 2007, slery wrote:

> Thanks.  I not only want the information for where I am now but
> for a trip to a few different cities at the end of the month.
> Actually, not all my messages were getting through.  Does Loadstone have
> routine maintenance at night?  This has happened a couple of different
> when I send messages late at night.  I don't necessarily expect them to be
> answered right away but the message itself is not showing up.
> Cindy
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