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Sat Feb 3 22:00:31 GMT 2007

Cindy, Geoff and others,

Thanks for the mailing list reports.  I'll look into the posting 
delay/queuing problem.


On Sat, 3 Feb 2007, Geoff Waaler wrote:

> Hi Monty,
> I sent a post which was correctly addressed which never made the list.  I
> did not resubmit it because others already answered the question.  Also I've
> noted that the posts I write that do make the list take much longer to be
> distributed than ones I send to other lists.  I think there is something
> weird going on at the listserv end.
> Geoff (who probably won't see this posted for twenty minutes)
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> Hi Cindy,
> I thinkwhat you are usually experiencing is mailing list queuing.  What
> happens
> sometimes is that your posted message is received by the mailing list
> server almost immediately but is then put in a queue for delivery.  I
> can't say for sure what the queue processing interval is set to (as I
> would have to dig through configuration files), but that combined with the
> number of list subscribers could mean that you wouldn't receive your own
> post for several minutes.  Of course it also depends on all sorts of
> things on your end too - including your mail settings and internet
> connectivity.
> In addition, problems can happen server-side including maintenance,
> operator error (me), and internet connectivity.  There is a lot of ocean
> between the server and you!
> Luckally for everyone, the web site and mailing list are up most of the
> time and even if there is an unexpected problem with the mailing list,
> E-mail traffic is temporarily stored on another server until things return
> to normal.  Your question will usually be replied to quite quickly in most
> case thanks to the helpful Loadstone community.
> The mailing list software was just upgraded minutes ago so we'll see if that
> improves
> the queue processing!
> Best regards,
>    Monty
> On Sat, 3 Feb 2007, slery wrote:
>> Thanks.  I not only want the information for where I am now but
>> specifically
>> for a trip to a few different cities at the end of the month.
>> Actually, not all my messages were getting through.  Does Loadstone have
>> routine maintenance at night?  This has happened a couple of different
>> times
>> when I send messages late at night.  I don't necessarily expect them to be
>> answered right away but the message itself is not showing up.
>> Cindy
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