[Loadstone] 0.66 suggerstions

Jim Prather jprather at ameritech.net
Sat Feb 3 15:29:49 GMT 2007

Pardon my ignorance, but where sould the SHIFT key be on a Nokia 6682 
phone?  Is it the "edit" key (lower right-hand key on the right side of 
this model phone?)  Thank you.

James (Jim) "Turtle" Prather
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From: "Przemyslaw Rogalski" <Rogalski at o2.pl>
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Subject: [Loadstone] 0.66 suggerstions

> Hi!
> I'm impressed seeing those many changes and improvements in Loadstone 
> V0.66.
> Hi!
> Hi!
> I've just installed a new version of Loadstone and I find all those 
> improvements great.
> However, I'd like to suggest some small changes, just for consequence 
> issue:
> I think that if Key 6 announces Latitude and Longitude, then Shift + 
> Key 6 should announce Decimal Latitude and Longitude.
> If Key 5 announces the Next Point, then Shift + Key 5 should announce 
> the previous point (or do nothing for the time being).
> For the sake of simplification, after entering Exploration mode from 
> Navigation mode, focus should automatically be put to the point that 
> is nearest to your current position, and, as a result, activate 
> "Current point" options.
> Similarly, a checked point could be deleted by pressing Shift.
> One more thing: Have you thought of implementing a function of 
> browsing checkpoint lists?
> Best regards and congratulations for the team!
> Przemyslaw Rogalski
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