[Loadstone] Release Level QuestionRe: Loadstone GPS V0.66 released

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Sat Feb 3 10:03:42 GMT 2007

Hi Tom,

Your question is very valid and a good one.  No offense taken!

Since the Loadstone project is an open-source effort, it allows us to be 
extremely transparent and up front with all aspects of Loadstone.  This 
includes documentation, support and especially the program.

Although the development team is constantly testing various aspects of
Loadstone's functionality, we really do depend on the Loadstone community 
to test each version.  Some people can't wait to get their hands on new 
technology while others may prefer to be more cotious!  We leave the 
choice up to the user.

If it does turn out that a particularversion has a bug that was missed 
during internal testing, we tend to fix it as soon as possible and release 
another improved version.

When we put a new release on the web site,we are reasonably sure and 
hopeful it is fit for consumption.  Obviously all of the usual disclaimers 
Best regards,

On Fri, 2 Feb 2007, Tom Lange wrote:

> Hi Shawn and anyone else who cares to address this.
> I was looking at the Loadstone web site tonight and was very interested in
> what it had to say about pre-alpha, alpha, beta, stable and deprecated
> release levels. It seems to me that those designations are certainly valid,
> but I began wondering about some things. Often, during a development cycle,
> there are private betas and public betas, and, when the public beta cycles
> have run their course, the program is considered to be stable, ready for
> prime time and is released for public consumption.  Did V0.66 go through
> some sort of private beta testing before being released as a beta for the
> general public, or was the private beta dispensed with?  Since V0.66 is
> given a beta designation, how solid is the code?  I ask these questions not
> to belittle the Loadstone team's efforts, quite the contrary in fact.  I'm
> just wondering about this because some folks, myself included, have shied
> away from installing beta releases of any program and opted to wait until
> the program is officially considered to be stable.  Actually, I'm favorably
> impressed with what I've experience in v0.65 and I'm really curious about
> and anxious to try out v0.66.
> Best regards,
> Tom
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