[Loadstone] Loadstone GPS V0.66 released

Shawn Kirkpatrick shawn at odyssey.cm.nu
Sat Feb 3 10:02:49 GMT 2007

Thanks for your suggestions.
The shift could be reversed in exploration mode, we'll have to see what kind 
of feedback comes in about this one. Maybe this could be a setting if nobody 
can aggree on how it should work.
The auto announce isn't really a permanent setting as such, it can come and 
go depending on whether or not you have any points checked and you may not 
want it on for all checkpoint situations. As such it's in the functions 
menu. I personally have never used this mode since checkpoints will be 
announced as you get close to them regardless of this setting. You can bind 
this to a navigation mode hotkey if you want to edit your keys.map file. The 
function name is auto_announce but be careful if you decide to edit this 
file. A key map editor is on the todo list.
I don't know why mobilespeak would be having trouble with the settings, I 
have no experience with it, I use talks and it seems to speak fine. This 
could just be one of those speach program issues that seem to come up.
I like the destination point idea. This could probably be put in without too 
much trouble. I'm not exactly sure how it would be tied in to the auto 
announce thoe. Would it override the normal auto announce behaviour? Be a 
separate setting?
Some of the gps time functions could probably be moved in to the gps menu. 
The sync time option for sure. I'm not sure about the show time and show 
date options thoe, since they're informational they probably qualify more as 

On Sat, 3 Feb 2007, Ari Moisio wrote:

> Hi
>  Thanks!
>  Here are my first impressions:
> - Current poin -menu is an excellent idea.
> _ in exploration mode would it be faster to use if 'lookaround' is
> unshifted key and moving to that point shifted key. I usually look around
> more ofteh than actually move - even virtually.
> - Why auto-announce setting is in the functions, not in settings? This
> setting could also have it's own hotkey.
> - It would be  helpful to have ye another type of waypoint: destination.
> This could be set via exploration mode or stored directly in navigation
> mode. When set auto-announce will follow this destination point.
> - For some reason Mobilespeak does not announce state of all settings; for
> example Auto-announce, Max approcah distance, Approach time.
> - There are some gps time functions in  functions menu. Would they fit
> better in the gps menu.
> You can still escape from the Gates of hell: Use Linux!
> -- 
> arimo
> On Fri, 2 Feb 2007, monty at loadstone-gps.com wrote:
>> Hello All,
>> Loadstone GPS V0.66 is now released.  For those of you using Nokia 6600
>> phone's, there is a "N6600" version you should use.  All others (we think)
>> should download/use the normal V0.66 version.  Please let us know if you
>> experience difficulties.
>> To download Loadstone GPS and to read the release notes, please visit the
>> Loadstone GPS Download page at:
>> http://www.loadstone-gps.com
>> The documentation will reflect any changes/updates and can be found on the
>> Documentation page at the aforementioned web site.
>> As always we welcome comments (good and bad) regarding Loadstone GPS.
>> Best regards,
>>   Monty
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